Jongdae’s My Lady seducing in Jakarta


another attempt by kai to remove xiumin’s tattoo :) [140921]

ABC’s of zhang yixing: D for dancing

kris giving chen a piggyback ride

sm ladies + english speakers
photo by tarro;

140922 Chen's EXO-L Board Update:

Hello EXO-L!! I’m CHEN~ ^^
Finally I became 23 years old!!
This birthday was very special because… I spent my birthday on stage with fans!!

During the concert, I was able to do my best because of your celebration haha!
Even though I can’t celebrate each of your birthdays, I’ll always do my best and show you fantastic performances for your support!!^^
Thank you for leaving an unforgettable impression on me during the last concert.

I also appreciate for all of your celebration on my 23rd birthday.
Lastly, my EXO-L! Thank you for always making EXO shine! I LOVE EXO-L!

Above all things before… mom and dad!!!
Thank you for letting me be in this beautiful world and for raising me well!!


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